Our History

Sanstorm was born in 1941 when F.H. Roselle patented his creation, the Abrasive Blasting Machine.

By 1946, the company had formed in Fresno, California as Myers Welding & Fabrication. In that same year, Bill Myers received a patent for the critical piece of the sandblasting technology - the control valve – and from there, the company took off! The owner, Bill Myers, and his two sons, Don and Robert, began manufacturing and selling this new technology. In the early years, the company also hired Charlie Spears. Charlie would eventually become the driving force behind Myers as president and CEO.

Their sandblasting patents progressed when Bill Myers received yet another patent on the wet head adapter in 1955. From there, the company was purchased by Big 3 Industries in 1968. Big 3 had always been one of Myers’ largest customers, so it was a natural and logical progression, to support their own usage. Big 3 Industries reserved Sanstorm technology from public marketing, using it only as internal machinery.

In spite of that, the company grew and moved to Houston, Texas in 1970, where the company and manufacturing remain to this day.

In1986 Air Liquide purchased Sanstorm and Bowen Tools from Big 3 Industries. In 1988 Sanstorm was incorporated.

In 1994 Sanstorm was purchased by MMLJ, who was focusing on other developments, SodaBlasting. SodaBlast Systems was launched while Sanstorm customers were supported.

The basic Sanstorm having been abandoned for over 24 years, only to find customers and distributors alike still supporting the quality machines purchased prior to that period. That need thrust the Sanstorm technology back into the spotlight, since it is still the best and most efficient machine available.

Sanstorm systems have been upgraded many times over the years from the days of the “pot tenders” to today serving up OSHA compliant machines, always keeping the no clog, trouble free, efficiency in mind. Sanstorm is still the best no clog abrasive blasting machine available.

MMLJ Inc. is a leader in manufacturing quality blasting equipment that is efficient, productive, and environmentally safe.

MMLJ takes pride in the workmanship of our products, with the customer's best interest in mind.

The blasting equipment that MMLJ manufactures represents successful results of long manufacturing and historical engineering experiences. This equipment provides the most effective and economical results available from the blast cleaning equipment industry today.

The purchase of MMLJ equipment can also add to your company's service repertoire. Use it take to take care of your own cleaning needs, then generate additional cash flow by outsourcing the equipment. The possibilities are endless.


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